Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Movement of Crooked Branches

I had some extra time today before class started and I was able to take some time to pray. I walked toward the center of the Fuller campus and found a bench to sit down on. Directly in front of me was a tree and I decided as my prayer to meditate on the livelihood of the tree and let it speak to me concerning something of God's work.

I had to calm my mind from its rational process and also block out the people walking around me.

My mind went in several different directions and then settled on one observation.

In this tree, all of the branches spiraled in crooked directions, full of knots, hitches, bends, and scars. There was no beauty of form, symmetry of design, or balance in the branches. But the tree moved in one direction: up. And the branches had one orchestrated movement: directing their leaves toward the sun's light.

I saw this tree as the image of my life in Christ and the journey of discipleship. What is seemingly a life of disorder, imbalance, and knotted crookedness finds its life in its continual journey upward and the conscious decision to pursue the source of light and life relentlessly until it is found.

Jesus said, "I am the world's Light. No one who follows me stumbles around in the darkness. I provide plenty of light to live in". (John 8:12)


  1. Mmm...beautiful, Mike, thanks! I miss you guys!!

  2. that's some of the best and simplest imagery i've heard in a long time. makes me think of that romans promise, 8:28 i think, the one about how he works all things for the good of those who love him. he can fix our stuff, so long as we keep reaching for him to do it. i especially appreciate the "conscious decision" part you mentioned.

    jesus is so cool. he's like my favorite.